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North Carolina Estate Planning Lawyer 

Since 1975 we have assisted our clients with their needs for proper management of their financial and personal affairs, both during their lifetime and upon their death. Most of our clients in this area have come to us initially by referral from other clients or professionals who worked with us and were very happy with our approach and services in these sensitive matters. It’s important to note that in estate planning there is no one-size fits all solution. The extra time spent clearly explaining options and answering questions is what sets us apart from other attorneys.

Various legal tools are available in the market but specific advice from an experienced attorney is critical in choosing the appropriate documents to accomplish the client’s individual goals. We help clients of all income levels and with a range of personal and business assets, including assets across multiple states or countries.  We work closely, as a team, with clients’ accountants and financial advisors so that we can provide the most streamlined and cost-effective approach to routine or more complicated situations.

In addition to routine documents, we also advise our clients on estate tax-oriented planning such as gifting strategies, which may involve life insurance trusts, “Crummey” trusts, educational gifting and other individualized solutions.

Some Documents We Routinely Draft and Customize in Client-Specific Combinations are: 

  • Wills and codicils (amendment to a will) to dispose of probate assets upon death and to designate who shall see to it that the will is carried out
  • Trust agreements to provide for management of assets for beneficiaries during the client’s lifetime and after the client’s death where such management is desirable for tax, disability or other reasons
  • General powers of attorney to put someone in charge of a client’s financial affairs in case of absence, incapacity or incompetence
  • Health care powers of attorney to designate who will be in charge of a client’s health matters in case the client is not able to make health decisions
  • Living wills to declare a client’s wishes for end of life issues such as medical treatment, hydration, and nutrition
  • HIPAA declarations to establish who will have access to a client’s medical files

Our office also has extensive experience helping clients with the administration of the estates of their deceased loved ones. Learn more about our estate administration and probate services here.