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North Carolina Estate Administration and Probate Lawyer 

We have assisted many families with the proper settlement of the estates of their deceased loved ones. In addition to working with clients in Chapel Hill and the Triangle area, we are used to dealing with executors (court appointed person who carries out a will) and beneficiaries (heirs to assets) located throughout the country and abroad.


Probate is the legal procedure in which the court declares someone‚Äôs will to be valid and appoints the appropriate executor to carry out the will as directed by the deceased.

Estate Administration Process:

North Carolina law allows for varying levels of administration, each of which follows its own unique process, depending on the size of the estate and on who the beneficiaries are.  We advise our clients on the appropriate level of administration in their case and on the procedures to be followed.

Our Approach:

Our policy is to provide proper guidance in the administration of any estate but to let the person(s) in charge of the estate handle as much of the routine tasks as they feel comfortable with. This keeps your costs down while still avoiding unintentional legal missteps.

We have handled estates of all sizes including estates with extensive holdings and with properties located in multiple states. While some estates may be straightforward, others are very complex and involve settling disputes over property divisions. This office has handled all types of situations and created optimal outcomes for our clients by taking the extra time to understand all sides' concerns in order to craft an agreeable solution.

Any estate administration process can be made smoother, and more cost-effective, by starting with properly drafted  estate planning documents.  For more information on estate planning, click here.